The Education Thing

Oak Flat School in the 1890's.As the back label on the 2009 Inquiry states “our family is big on education.” My wife Sherry has been a middle school teacher for over twenty years. I was a high school English teacher long, long ago. Our son and daughter-in-law are high school teachers. Our daughter has been a high school teacher and now edits math textbooks. Sherry’s parents were both teachers. My father served on the Paso Robles School District Board for several years in the 50’s and 60’s.

When we were bouncing around names for our blended wines, we had many different concepts, but the one thing we kept coming back to was the one thing everybody in our family has a link to: Education. Thus were born Implication, Inference, and Inquiry (for those of you too jaded to care about the really important things in life “Speakers imply, Listeners infer.”).

There were other possibilities since I was once in the wholesale fuel business, but Hy-Trans Red or Fractionating Tower White just didn’t ring. Woodworking? How about the Morris #2 Taper Rosé? Or a red called the Plunge Router? What swimming (I coached it) aficionado could resist the lure of Negative Split White, or The 400 IM Red?

The wine names all start with I. Total coincidence actually. Future wine name possibilities (sign up for the Mailing List and you could participate in this process too): Dangling Participle, Cognate Object, The Heteronym (As the fiddler bowed to the audience, he dropped his bow.), ad infinitum.

We know one thing for sure: the state of American Education could be much improved if parents sent their kids’ teachers a nice bottle of wine every now and then.

We’re here to help with that.