Edmond August Wines

A Little Knowledge...

EDMOND AUGUST Sauret, is a Paso Robles native, former wine shop owner, winery partner, wine writer, fuel supplier to the vineyard industry, PRHS high school teacher and coach (he can’t hold a job). The grandson of bootleggers, not heeding that reasoned voice in his head telling him not to, he founded EDMOND AUGUST™ Wines in 2008.

Whether or not this was a good idea is totally up to you.

EDMOND AUGUST™ is and will always be a small producer of flavorful rich wines made from low-yield intense-quality grapes sourced from the finest available Westside Paso Robles vineyards. EDMOND AUGUST™ specializes in Rhone varietals because we believe that Paso Robles grows them very well. And because Ed loves them. A lot.

The winemaker is Jacob Toft, who has learned his craft working for and with some of Paso’s cutting-edge producers. Jacob has his own brand which has received high praise from among others the Wine Advocate, Robert Parker.

Edmond August Wines
P.O. Box 5264
Paso Robles, CA 93447